Video Games

Chameleon Calamity

Chameleon Calamity is a 2D semi-infinite runner. The goal of the game is to defeat ink monsters who are trying to steal the color from the world. Points are accumulated by having a longer run, as well as collecting dragonflies.  

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To see all of the behind the scenes such as the creative process, the game’s progression, gameplay footage, and the team who put it all together, visit Chameleon Calamity’s official website!

Entertainment Software Design

Chameleon Calamity was a semester long, team-based project for the Entertainment Software Design course taught by Professor James Lee of the Computer Science department at Connecticut College.


All of the games for this course were inspired by the semester’s theme: color. The students learned Unity to create their 2D games and were made to be played on the Visualization Wall, an 8’x4′ touch screen display located in the college’s library.

Won Game of the Year!

At the end of the semester, each “game company” conducts a 20 minute long presentation about the final version of their game. After the presentations, everyone votes for which company should win Game of the Year. I’m proud to say that my company, “SLAM Studios” won Game of the Year for the Fall 2018 semester!

My Contribution

My title on the SLAM Studios team was “CEO”. I was the primary idea-holder, leading the design and development of the game and making the tough decisions about what to include. I bridged the gap between our “Lead Programmer” and our “Creative Director” through communication and management. 


  • All button design and implementation (UX/UI)
  • Enemy design and implementation
  • Animation in Unity (character, boss, particles, win scene)
  • Entire Boss Level design and implementation

Behind the Scenes and Gameplay Footage