Video Games

Project Clean Up

Project Clean Up is a 2D pixel game about a turtle named Sheldon who is caught in a fishing net. To make the best of his situation, Sheldon helps to clean up his reef and collect trash. The goal of the game is to collect as much trash as possible in one minute. Players can submit their score on a leaderboard. 

History of Art and Technology

Project Clean Up was a team-based, two week long project for the History of Art and Technology course in part of the Ammerman Center at Connecticut College. 


The Ammerman Center for Art and Technology is a competitive certificate center at Connecticut College. There, students participate in seminars and workshops, as well as develop a Senior Integrative Project (SIP) by the time they graduate. This game was inspired by the Spring 2019 colloquia theme: creative ecologies. It was made with the game engine software, Unity, and is intended for desktop play. 

Our Story

As part of this years colloquia series “Creative Ecologies”, our team wanted to bring a very special ecology to attention: our oceans. Our goal was to present the serious issue of ocean pollution in a fun and interactive way, and what better way to do that than by creating a 2D videogame. We hope our game is fun for all ages, yet also remind the player what the real problem is at hand. 

My Contribution

As the only member of the team who had experience using Unity, it was my goal to show my teammates what was possible. I did a large part of the programming, but made sure to teach and give my teammates the opportunity to code important aspects of the game.


  • All player controls
  • Player design, animation, and implementation
  • UX/UI and scenes 
  • Score system and timer
  • Object and bubble animation

Gameplay footage

Watch this video to see gameplay footage of Project Clean Up!